Application Services

We develop Internet-based application systems that are tailor-made for your companies, your suppliers and your customers.

We adopt RAPID Implementation strategy to ensure project success.

  • Build system incrementally and release it every two months.
  • Provide frequent inspection and adaptation.
  • Define requirement and delivery features in every iteration.

You can focus on your core business and outsource the development and continuous improvement of application systems to us.

Hosting Services

We host the application systems that we develop in a commercial data center with high service levels on reliability, availability and security.

Security Audit:

  • Bank Negara Malaysia JPI/GPI 26
  • KPMG Annual System Security Audit
  • Citibank Annual System Security Audit
  • VISA System Security Audit

Availability & Reliability:

  • 99.9% Uptime with 24×7 Service Monitoring

Integration Services

We provide software and services to integrate current backend systems to application systems hosted by us so that data can flow between businesses without any manual interventions.

Channel Support:

  • Support different communication channels, e.g. Internet or private networks.

Protocol Mediation:

  • Support different communication protocols, e.g. AS2, FTP, HTTP, etc.

Data Conversion:

  • Convert data formats (e.g. XML, EDI, CSV, etc.) and data values.

Ramping Services

We have support teams to develop and maintain your online supplier and customer communities by enabling them technically and supporting them in daily system usage.

We provide 24×7 technical support to prevent negative business impact due to system issues.

Success of online communities depends on operation, technical and sales support as the communities need constant nurturing and continuous support.