If you are looking for a service provider to help you to improve your business operations to drive your business further, you have come to the right place!

We are the experts in using Internet technologies and outsourcing business model as enablers to improve your business-to-business-to-consumer processes in a cost-effective way.

We add values to your existing IT investments by extending your IT systems to connect to your suppliers and customers. By establishing integrated end-to-end processes with your suppliers and customers, your business processes will be very traceable, efficient, reliable and scalable.

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MyETrade Sdn Bhd (ROC No: 496275-X) was incorporated in 1999 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Financial Link Sdn Bhd.

Financial Link provides electronic commerce and mobile commerce infrastructure for insurance, banking, automotive, government and telecommunication industries.

MyETrade leverages on Financial Link's large customer base and established infrastructure to develop the business of Internet-based application services.


Our mission is to help businesses to leverage on information and Internet technologies to drive their businesses forward.

Today's businesses require better results with lower cost.

MyETrade can help businesses to achieve that through open source technologies, outsourcing business model and high quality software and services.


We are committed to quality at all levels of our organization. Processes are adhered to and shortcuts are avoided at all costs. Investments in resources and infrastructure are planned properly to ensure high quality services can be achieved and maintained.

We believe in achieving win-win situation for our shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers. Beneficial long-term relationships with all the stakeholders are important for our business to thrive in the long run.

We believe in hiring and keeping the best people who share our passions and values to develop this company into a world-class company. We are in the people business and our people are our greatest assets and differentiators.


We have experienced and qualified team members responsible for each of our business functions.

The Head of company has 24 years of experience in local and overseas IT industry.

The Head of technical team has a doctorate in information system and has more than 14 years of working experience focusing solely on software research and development.

The Lead software architect has more than 9 years of experience in designing and developing JAVA-based applications.

The Head of marketing has more than 6 years of experience in developing successful online business communities in Malaysia and in this region.

Most of the rest of the staff have more than 3 years of relevant working experience.

MyEBus - Improving the processes of express bus industry.

MyEBus helps to improve business processes between Bus Operators, Ticketing Agents and Consumers through a hosted Internet-enabled application system.

One of the main functions of MyEBus is to provide online ticketing services:

  • Consumers can plan trips and purchase tickets via the Internet.
  • Bus operators can automate the processes of managing seats, prices, schedules and customer communications.
  • Agents can also use the system to automate their ticketing processes.

MyEBus enables consumers to have a better channel to purchase bus tickets with the added advantages of seat selection and prompt notification of any trip changes.

Bus operators can also share costs on IT infrastructure and services among themselves as well as implementing coach sharing to maximize seat utilization.

Other functions of MyEBus include Fleet Management, Loyalty Program and Business Intelligent services.

MyEBiz - Extending your business processes across the Internet.

Every business has suppliers and customers. MyEBiz enables a business to virtually extend its own systems via the Internet to manage its external processes with its suppliers and customers.

The above diagram shows how an auto parts supplier connects with its workshop customers and the insurance companies in an automotive repair and insurance claims process.

  • Repair workshops submit insurance claims to insurance companies and send purchase orders of auto parts as specified in the claims to auto parts suppliers.
  • Auto parts supplier sends invoices to workshops after delivering the parts. A copy of the invoices will be routed to insurance companies as well.
  • Insurance companies can check the invoices against the claims to make sure that genuine auto parts are actually purchased and used.

Digitizing external business processes with suppliers and customers bring about a lot of benefits and opportunities for process improvement.

Other functions of MyEBiz include Business Intelligent, Data Synchronization and Online Sourcing services.

Application Services

We develop Internet-based application systems that are tailor-made for your companies, your suppliers and your customers.

We adopt RAPID Implementation strategy to ensure project success.

  • Build system incrementally and release it every two months.
  • Provide frequent inspection and adaptation.
  • Define requirement and delivery features in every iteration.

You can focus on your core business and outsource the development and continuous improvement of application systems to us.

Hosting Services

We host the application systems that we develop in a commercial data center with high service levels on reliability, availability and security.

Security Audit:

  • Bank Negara Malaysia JPI/GPI 26
  • KPMG Annual System Security Audit
  • Citibank Annual System Security Audit
  • VISA System Security Audit

Availability & Reliability:

  • 99.9% Uptime with 24x7 Service Monitoring

Integration Services

We provide software and services to integrate current backend systems to application systems hosted by us so that data can flow between businesses without any manual interventions.

Channel Support:

  • Support different communication channels, e.g. Internet or private networks.

Protocol Mediation:

  • Support different communication protocols, e.g. AS2, FTP, HTTP, etc.

Data Conversion:

  • Convert data formats (e.g. XML, EDI, CSV, etc.) and data values.

Ramping Services

We have support teams to develop and maintain your online supplier and customer communities by enabling them technically and supporting them in daily system usage.

We provide 24x7 technical support to prevent negative business impact due to system issues.

Success of online communities depends on operation, technical and sales support as the communities need constant nurturing and continuous support.

Senior JAVA Developer
  • Salary Range: RM3,600 - RM4,500 per month
  • Develop Web and Java component based on requirements/specification provided.
  • Participate and contribute to software architecture design, development and research.
  • Adhere to company development processes as part of the CMM L3 requirement.
  • Strong programming, proficient in OO, analytical and problem solving.
  • Familiar to two or more of the following: Scrum, Ajax, Spring, Hibernate, RDBMS (any), Java.
  • Must possess at least a recognized degree/higher national diploma in IT-related discipline.
  • 2-3 years programming experience.
* All applications will be treated in strict confidence and for recruitment purposes only.
* We may however refer suitable applicants to other vacancies within our associated companies.
  • MyETrade Sdn Bhd
    Suite 15.3, Level 15, Menara Weld, 76
    Jalan Raja Chulan,
    50200 Kuala Lumpur,
  • Telephone: 603-2710 2868   |   Facsimile: 603-2710 2848
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